Deodorant that
Mother Nature
would use

"Wellow is proof that sustainable living doesn’t have to be expensive or hard"

Ranked #1 Best Eco Deodorant of 2021
Best of Green Awards

"Wellow makes natural, plastic-free deodorant that actually works"

"Their minimalist, fully recyclable packaging breaks down in months"

"Made from renewable ingredients, all in biodegradable packaging"

Made with 100% plant-based packaging

Why we're better

Compare Wellow to big corporate brands.

Wellow Deodorant
Native / Schmidt's
Clean Ingredients
No Plastic Ever
Active Protection
Upcycled Packaging
Carbon Neutral Shipping

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Meet your liquid-free travel kit.

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Natural formula in a paper tube.

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Body Wash

Gentle kindness in bar form.

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Shampoo in a liquid-free bar.

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Conditioner in a liquid-free bar.

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Imagine a world without waste. Wouldn't that be nice? It may not be life or death, but it's worth fighting for.

Dan, Co-Founder