Deodorant for
the greater good.

No plastic, toxins, cruelty or waste.

"Wellow is proof that sustainable living doesn’t have to be expensive or hard"

"Their minimalist, fully recyclable packaging breaks down in months"

Named #1 Deodorant of 2021
Best of Green Awards

"Wellow makes natural, plastic-free deodorant that actually works"

"Made from renewable ingredients, all in biodegradable packaging"

Why we're better

Compare Wellow to "Big Plastic" brands.

Wellow Deodorant
Degree / Dove
No Plastic Ever
Active Protection
Waterless Formulas
Goes in Recycle Bin
Backyard Compostable

Holiday Bundle

The perfect eco-friendly gift pack.

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Natural formula in a paper tube.

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Body Wash

Gentle kindness in bar form.

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Shampoo in a liquid-free bar.

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Conditioner in a liquid-free bar.

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Let's put an end to plastic waste

Billions of pounds are wasted every year. It's time for a bold new take on sustainability.

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